Alpha POS Systems
Alpha Card Servvies Salon POS System Transform your salon operations
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Effortlessly manage your salon technicians
  • Managing your business made simple


Are you frustrated that your technicians are arguing over who is next in service? As a salon owner you need a POS system that automatically tracks which technician goes next. Manage your technician turn order and implement a queue management system that is unique to your salon.

Are you tired of managing your appointment book on paper? Quickly and easily look up time slots and technician availability. Appointment changes are easily updated and tracking check-ins, no shows and waiting lists are a breeze.

Extremely Easy to Use:

  • It’s intuitive. Just set it up and start booking appointments with our sophisticated yet simple appointment book module.

  • Our software handles queue management automatically.

  • Easily accept multiple forms of payment on one transaction.

Effortlessly Manage your Technicians:

  • Set different price levels for different technicians.

  • Manage your queue without conflicts thanks to our automated queue management module.

  • Ensure that technicians are not double booked with our robust appointment book module.

  • Track each technician’s commissions and or hours worked with our labor management features.

  • Keep track of tips for multiple technicians for the same client.

  • No need for a CPA! With the click of a button, generate a payroll report for each employee based on wages and commissions.

Managing Your Business Made Simple:

  • See what’s selling hot, so you know what to advertise and promote.

  • Monitor all employee actions to quickly spot abnormal activities such as voided or discounted transactions.

  • Use clock-in/clock-out features to oversee your technicians’ punctuality and attendance.


Multiple Locations:

  • Retail POS Systems Philadelphia

  • Retail POS Systems New York

  • Retail POS Systems NJ

  • Retail POS Systems Dallas

  • Retail POS Systems Sacramento


Standard Features:

  • Order Entry/Tracking

  • Inventory Setup

  • Appointment Book

  • Queue Management

  • Pricing Levels

  • Gift and reward card program

  • Discounts and coupons

  • Robust Reporting

  • Customer Database

  • Track employee wages

  • Technician commission tracking and tip allocation

  • Credit and debit card payment processing

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